Judge resets sentencing for Lufkin mail carrier shooting case

Judge resets sentencing for Lufkin mail carrier shooting case

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Bobby Guthrey Jr. and his wife Lindsey went to court Thursday expecting to hear what the punishment would be for Jaylon Wortham, who shot Lindsey with a BB gun while she was delivering mail on her route last year.

Instead, they listened on as Judge Paul White granted Wortham's lawyer a motion to withdraw from the case.

"I don't know why it happened; it was kind of unusual but his attorney decided to drop the case for reasons unspoken," said Bobby Guthrey.

Due to the withdrawal, Judge White granted Wortham a court-appointed attorney to uphold rights to legal counsel. White also reset the sentencing for September 21st.

 "It's getting prolonged a little bit and that just kind of adds a little tension," Guthrey said.

Although frustrated with the delay, Guthrey said he was pleased with White's explanation that he would never do anything to bring error to a case and that September 21st was the quickest possible date to reset the sentencing. White even made sure that the date was convenient for the Guthreys.

"He took my wife's feeling into consideration without anyone saying anything to him," Guthrey said. "I really appreciated that."

Judge White also explained to Wortham that this wasn't a reprieve from his sentencing.

Prior to the hearing, Wortham wrote an apology letter and even came up to the Guthreys and verbally apologized, stating that the shooting was just an accident.

"I know he's a young boy, and I'm not saying directly towards him, but towards anybody; when you pick up a gun, and you aim that gun, and you know willingly, you're putting that pressure on the trigger, there is no, 'I'm sorry,'" Guthrey said. "You knew what you were doing, there's no way to apologize. I'm just glad it wasn't a higher caliber and my wife's still here alive."

The sentencing will take place Monday September 21st at the Angelina County Courthouse.

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