Affidavit: Crockett man punched girlfriend while she was holding baby

Affidavit: Crockett man punched girlfriend while she was holding baby

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Officers with the Crockett Police Department arrested a 21-year-old man Wednesday in connection to allegations that he punched his girlfriend in the face three times while she was holding her baby.

Kykeedrian Bronshae Shanks, of Crockett, was arrested and charged with second-degree felony endangering a child and Class A misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury to a family member.

According to the arrest affidavit, a Crockett Police officer was dispatched out to a home in the 500 block of East Bell Street in reference to an assault that had just occurred. While he was on his way to the scene, dispatch told him that the alleged suspect had left on foot.

Another Crockett PD officer spotted Shanks walking down East Bell Street. The officer took him into custody after he learned his name and that the suspect's name was Kykeedrian.

When the first Crockett PD officer made contact with the alleged victim, he saw that she had multiple injuries to her face. She had blood dripping from her nose, and her left eye was swollen shut, the affidavit stated.

After the CPD officer asked the woman if she was hurting anywhere else, she said that her head was hurting. In response to a question about what had happened, the woman told the officer that Shanks had punched her in the face three times, the affidavit stated.

The alleged victim told the officer that she and Shanks had been "having problems" and had locked the door to her bedroom, so he couldn't get in, the affidavit stated. She said that Shanks knocked on the door and said that he needed to get some things and then he would leave.

"[The alleged victim] opened the door to let Shanks, but instead of getting any property, he jumped on her bed and refused to get out," the affidavit stated. "After asking Shanks multiple times to get out of her room, [the alleged victim] claims Shanks became irate towards her and struck her in the face with his fist."

According to the affidavit, the woman told the CPD officer that she was holding her baby in her arms while Shanks was hitting her in the face.

When the Crockett PD officer asked Shanks for his side of the story, he claimed that he was asleep in the back bedroom of the home when the alleged victim woke him up and tried to get his phone because she thinks he is "talking to other girls," the affidavit stated. Shanks allegedly said that Harris got physical with him and scratched him all over the neck.

Shanks also told the officer that all he did was push the alleged victim off of him, and she fell to the ground and "curled up," the affidavit stated. When the CPD officer asked him how the woman got the injuries to her head and face, Shanks allegedly said that it must have been when she fell to the floor.

However, the alleged victim's mother told the Crockett PD officer that she saw Shanks grab her daughter by the neck of her shirt and start punching her while she had her baby in her arms, the affidavit stated. The victim's mother also told the officer that she was trying to get the baby out of her daughter's arms, but Shanks kept hitting the alleged victim.

The mother told the officer that Shanks left after the assault and walked away on foot.

Shanks was arrested at the scene and taken to the Houston County Jail.

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