Lufkin Woman Shares Similar Situation With Schiavo Family

Karen Want said, "after 56 days of being in a coma he woke up and we went from there."

After a car accident left Scott with a severe head injury, it didn't look good, but he survived. He now lives with a tracheotomy to help him breath, and a feeding tube, so he can eat. Some would describe his condition like they would Terry Schiavo's, a vegetative state. His mother Karen disagrees.

Karen said, "all you're going to be doing is feeding and watering him like a vegetable, he'll never be able to do anything. Well I think that they're wrong because there are things that Scott can do. He feels heat, he feels pain, he has joy, he has sadness."

Karen says because of her relationship with her son, she understands what the Schiavos are going through, and totally disagrees with pulling out the feeding tube.

"I think he's wrong. I think that he's tired of seeing her that way, and he wants to go on with whatever he's doing with his life," said Karen.

But Karen says even if she agreed it was time give up, she thinks the way they are going about in the Schiavo case is just inhumane.

Karen said, "for him to want to do that to her seems really cruel to me. Our death row inmates get more mercy because they get the lethal injection, at least theirs is quick."

Karen understands a life spent helping a person in that state is hard, but she says, if Terry Schiavo's husband can't handle it anymore, he needs to let someone else do it.