Nacogdoches family celebrates Autistic son's birthday with 6th annual Honk Fest

Nacogdoches family celebrates Autistic son's birthday with 6th annual Honk Fest

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Thomas Glenn of Nacogdoches celebrated his 22nd birthday Saturday with his 6th annual Honkfest party.

"We park our cars outside and he goes to each one individually and honks them," said Thomas' mother Dianne Glenn. "Then when it's time, we all go to our vehicles and honk until his heart is content."

This may not be a typical 22nd birthday party, but Thomas isn't a typical 22-year-old, he's much more special than that.

"Thomas was one of the first children in Nacogdoches County to be diagnosed as Autistic," Glenn said.

However, to his family and those around the community that know Thomas, his challenge isn't what defines him.

"Thomas is very unique and he touches people's hearts," said his father Charles Glenn.

"He's very friendly; he likes people," said Thomas' teacher Mignon Stanley. "He doesn't forget a face. If he met you five years ago and you come back in the door, he'll know who you are."

Thomas has impacted strangers with his friendly personality, especially when he goes to the barber shop with his father.

"I can be sitting there waiting and people come by and say every time they come in the shop, he makes them laugh and it just makes their day," Glenn said.

Every year when his birthday rolls around, Thomas is excited to invite everyone he meets to his Honk Fest.

 "I think he passed out invitations to everybody, so we could have the whole town showing up," Stanley joked.

With every year, more and more people show up to celebrate Thomas, showing just how much he means to his community.

"For him to have this many people that he touches and that they care enough to come out on a Saturday at 2 o'clock in the evening, that says a lot," Glenn said.

The Glenn's said that Thomas will begin to plan next year's Honk Fest Sunday and they're hoping even more people will attend.

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