Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Thief steals wallet left by customer

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Thief steals wallet left by customer

LUFKIN, TX (News Release) - Crime Stoppers has featured several cases where a thief kept someone's misplaced property. Texas law clearly says such incidents are crimes, but there likely are those who give the thief the benefit of the doubt, thinking the they intended to return the property but were unable to for whatever reason.

Crime Stoppers allows plenty of time for lost property to find its way back to the owner before publicizing the incident as a theft because the majority of people return property they find. This week's Crime of the Week video should leave you with no doubt regarding the thief's intentions.

At and you can view video from inside a store that shows a thief stealing a wallet mistakenly left by a customer.  Hiding his actions from others in the store slowed his work, but, as soon as he was able, he slipped the wallet into his pocket, paid for a few items, and left the store. The victim's wallet contained cash, an ID card, and a debit card, and the theft of a debit card is a felony crime.

The thief is a tall, slim, black male with a goatee. He was wearing a white T-shirt with "St. Jude" on the front, red basketball shorts with white stripes on the legs, and red shoes with yellow laces.

If you can identify the thief, call Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit a tip at Crime Stoppers calls and tips are anonymous and may be eligible for a reward if the information provided leads to an arrest.