Jail Life If Busted During Warrant Sweep

"Cell phone in here. Your belt, your wedding ring," said Lt. Brenda Johnson, a Jailor at the Angelina County Jail, as she placed all our reporter's personal belongings into a small paper bag.

Welcome to the Angelina County Jail. You've just been arrested for a traffic ticket that you forgot to pay. Exactly how smart do you feel right now?

Lt. Johnson said, "we usually put them all in holding and take them out one or two at a time and process them. It doesn't take over but just a few minutes."

In that few minutes all your property, from your belt to your wedding ring, is taken off and put into a bag. Your shoes are checked to make sure there's nothing hidden in them. And then you are patted down, to make sure there is nothing else to find.

After having your information written down, you are placed in a holding cell until they have time to finish processing you. If you don't have enough money to pay to get out immediately, you may be stuck in that room for about 4 hours, and that could cause anybody to get a little agitated. A broken window in the corner of the room shows just how angry some will get.

If you are unruly during any part of the booking process, you go right back in to think about it.

Lt. Johnson said, "we'll put them in there and most of the time they'll decide they want to come out and help us."

Being booked in is no picnic, especially if you have to share the holding cell with someone else, and there's no privacy. The bathroom facilities are right in the corner, in plain view of everyone.

Be sure to check out if you have any outstanding warrants and get them cleared. That way you don't end up in the County Jail.