Award-winning cancer researcher joins Angelina College Biology Department

Award-winning cancer researcher joins Angelina College Biology Department
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One of Angelina College's newest professors comes very qualified. Doctor James Hudson is an award-winning research biologist from Houston, and now he calls East Texas his home.

"It was challenging; it was rewarding, but when you're doing that kind of work you could work for years without having any kind of product come," Hudson said.

During his extensive career, Hudson has left his mark in the medical field. He admitted there is one accomplishment he is most proud of. It's a test that counts CD4-cells, or T-cells.

"This particular cell is attacked by the HIV virus, and it was very important at that time to get an accurate count to treat the patients," Hudson said. "We came up with a way of doing that, which was much cheaper and faster than it had been done before."

Hudson has a patent for this life-saving test. He explained, life as a researcher isn't always a success; it comes with failures.

"It's kind of hard to work that long, and sometimes you don't have a product," Hudson said. "I was lucky to have a few products with the work that I did."

Hudson said some benefits of teaching is working with people every day and contributing to their success. This is just one of the reasons he moved to the Pineywoods.

 "We like it here and family is here so ...," Hudson said.

When researching for a college to teach at, Hudson said it was a no-brainer.

"Angelina College kind of stood out," Hudson said. "People are great here; they're very focused on the students. So I decided to make the move."

One thing that Hudson wants to emphasis with his students is the importance of education.

"I try to reinforce with them that the reason why they're here is to get a job, so at some point they can get a job," Hudson said. "They're not here just passing through to try and get the information and go on but to actually learn the information, so they can get the job and keep the job."

Hudson has a decade worth of experience in cancer research. He also holds several patents for inventions used in cancer and AIDS diagnostics.

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