East Texas veterans and cheerleaders 'cheer on' viral 9/11 tribute

East Texas veterans and cheerleaders 'cheer on' viral 9/11 tribute
Hudson HS cheerleaders
Hudson HS cheerleaders

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Lumberton High School cheerleaders posted a performance that paid homage to those affected by 9/11 terror attacks 14 years ago.  The video has since gone viral.  The tribute has gotten mixed responses.

East Texas veterans and cheerleaders expressed how they feel about "cheering for America."

"That as good of a thing as anything. That's what we all went to war for," said Leamon Ligon,  a former Veteran Service Officer.

Ligon said he fought for freedom of expression.  The video posted on 9/11 was Lumberton High School cheerleaders' picture of patriotism without the pom-poms.

"We should be proud that they can do that," Ligon said.

Millions cheered them on. The video is now viral with over 20 million views, but some said for a 9/11 tribute cheer was the wrong choice.

"My question would be to anyone who doesn't think it's appropriate," Ligon said. 
"People need to stand up for that," said Wayne Thompson, a retired veteran.

Lufkin veterans disagree.

"I think that's a really good idea,"Ligon said.

"People don't realize what it's all about," Thompson said.

Over at Hudson High School, the girls say Cheer too, is a perfect way to convey any message.

"I think you can convey anything through cheer. It's a different way of showing it so they might not be used to it," said Madison AuerswaId, Hudson Cheer Captain.

The veterans said they are proud to see patriotic young people.

"They have more than any of us older people thought they would have," Ligon said.

"We have a great sense of nationalism with our age group," said Chrissa Miller, Hudson Cheer Captain.

Hudson cheerleaders said this is how they too express themselves, so a viral video of fellow chanters cheering for the U.S is positive.

"Our country loves our country, and we want that to be public," Miller said.

That video was posted on Friday.Tuesday, it has over six-hundred-seventy-thousand shares.

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