East Texans discuss if there is a "War on Christianity"

East Texans discuss if there is a "War on Christianity"

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Governor Mike Huckabee passionately declared a "War on Christianity" Wednesday night during the CNN Presidential Debate, but do others agree with him?

 "Nationwide and worldwide, there is definitely a huge war going on," said Christian Words & Works owner Bill Mead.

"It's not a war on Christianity for a judge to put somebody in jail when they're been ordered to their job," said Lufkin attorney Luan Tatum.

 "I think what we're seeing here in America is a clash of cultures," said Sr. Pastor John Greene of Harmony Hill Baptist Church.

It seems that it is a clash of cultures, especially when it comes to how people think the Kim Davis case is being handled.

"Kim Davis has sworn an oath, to uphold the law," Tatum said. "She took her oath as an elected official. Pastors and people that marry people haven't done that, they're free to do whatever they want."

Some church officials said they believe that Davis shouldn't have to do something that will go against her right to freedom of religion and are worried about how it will affect the future of the nation.

"Whether she should give up her position, then that's going to mean that every Christian will no longer hold government position, they can no longer stand on their own principles," Greene said.

However, the conflict going on around the nation has had an opposite effect on Lufkin.

Mead said he's even seen an increase in his business.

"People are buying more bibles and it's because people are concerned," Mead said.

Greene has even seen an increase in people coming to Sunday services at Harmony Hill.

Although there is turmoil nationwide when it comes to the "War on Christianity, Lufkin hasn't seen any conflict yet.

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