Groveton students read appreciation letters to Trinity Co. law enforcement

Groveton students read appreciation letters to Trinity Co. law enforcement

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - Students at Groveton Elementary got to write a letter as part of an assignment, but it wasn't your average English project. These letters made Trinity County law enforcement emotional.

"A police officer's prayer: Lord, I want you to be with me in a very special way," said Braxton Luna, a 5th grader.

"You are so kind for risking your life so we don't get hurt," said Jessica Burlile, a 5th grader.

"Thank you for keeping the whole world safe. Sincerely, Ramiro Gonzalez," said Ramiro Gonzalez, a 5th grader.

Groveton Elementary school students wrote these words from their hearts. When the Hero Hall of Fame Wall in this 5th grade class needed a new inductee, officers were the first to come to mind.

"They wrote a letter to us, and some of them got up and read it," said Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace.

"We went to the courtroom and read to Sheriff Woody Wallace, the investigator, the investigator's assistant, and Game Warden Watts," Luna said.

They wrote poems, letters, and prayers. The kids walked to the Trinity County courthouse and delivered them by hand.

"The heartfelt letters from these kids were overwhelming," said Amanda Stubblefield, a 5th grade English teacher.

"We were really impressed by the way some of these kids think about police officers," Wallace said.

Each student had his or her own point to get across in the letters.

"To make them feel good about their job so they won't wake up and say I don't like this. It's risking my life too much," Burlile said.

"I think they felt good that some people in school support them and help them," Luna said.

The Groveton 5th graders said officers must have key qualities.

"Brave, fearless, and courageous," said Gonzalez.

"They try their best to protect us," Luna said.

And the presentation touched the officers in the warm place behind the badge.

"They hit home. It was very moving and touching," Wallace said.

The 5th graders learned that sometimes heroes are here at home.

"Inspiration comes not only from people that are famous. We have everyday heroes among us and that's what I tell them," said Stubblefield.

"You have been the unseen guest walking next to me. Amen," said Luna.

The Groveton Elementary 5th grade teachers say with all of Friday's e-mails and texts, they felt it meant more to give the officers a handwritten letters.

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