Lufkin High School student paints pictures of dogs to raise money for charity

Lufkin High School student paints pictures of dogs to raise money for charity

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's hard to find adult that can sketch impressive drawings, let alone a sixteen-year-old, but Matteson Wesoloski isn't like average sixteen-year-olds.

"I really, really love art," said Matteson. "It's more than just creating something pretty, it's actually an emotional process too. It really allows people to release their feelings . It's just a really beautiful process."

Matteson is also a big animal lover and spends a lot of her spare time helping out at the Winnie Berry Animal Shelter.

"I've always loved volunteering and art's been a part of my life since I was little," Matteson said. "I just thought I could combine the two."

Matteson did just that when she began painting pictures of dogs to raise money for Winnie Berry. She never imagined how high in demand her paintings would become.

"In the first week I already had 30 orders so that was really really amazing," Matteson said.

Matteson now has 70 orders in and has already raised over $2,000 for Winnie Berry. Due to the large amount of paintings she has to do, she uses all of her spare time to complete them. Most teenagers would rather be spending their time doing more social things, but Matteson's art teacher said she isn't like most teenagers.

"For her to take on this large of a task and use her own time it says a lot about her and her character," said Lufkin High school art teacher Denise Davis.

Matteson said she doesn't mind the work. She enjoys helping out and getting more skilled in her artistic ability.

"I'm getting to paint and I'm able to help the community and it's been wonderful," Matteson said.

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