Hudson dad leads effort in keeping officers hydrated

Hudson dad leads effort in keeping officers hydrated

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - A Hudson ISD dad went the extra mile and created a charity that provides water for local law enforcement.

"With the animosity towards police and stuff like that, I said, "We've got to do something," said Luke Tarbutton, the charity's founder.  "We have to do something to let these guys know we've got there back."

Before and after the school bell rings, local law enforcement are outside directing traffic in school zones. In the Pineywoods, some days the temperatures are in triple digits.

"Once it's 102 degrees, and that asphalt is as hot as it is, we sweat a lot," Officer Bryan Holley, Hudson ISD.

This is what inspired Tarbutton to step up and assist.

"I checked my thermostat, it said 102 degrees," Tarbutton said. "I talked to my wife and said we need to get these guys something. I started buying them a bottle of water in the morning and in the evenings."

There was one small issue.

"I went and started buying them a bottle of water every day," Tarbutton said. "I realized I'm going to go broke if I keep doing this."

With help from Brookshire Brothers, Tarbutton was able to start Water for Warriors. It's a charity that provides water to local law enforcement agencies who help direct traffic for Hudson ISD.

"Brookshire brothers so kindly donated a pallet of water to us," Tarbutton said. "They've really help push this forward. They've showed support to the law enforcement in our community, and this something that we can do here locally to show the support we have to law enforcement officers."

Holley said this makes their job a lot easier.

"If there are officers or anybody that are out directing traffic it's always good to have somebody that'll come up and assist with water or whatever," Holley said.

Although Water for Warriors was created for Hudson ISD, Tarbutton wants to see the charity expand further than East Texas.

"We want this to go nationwide if we can. We want people in their own communities to show support to their local cops," Tarbutton said. "You live there. They're protecting you; they're protecting your children. Support them."

To become a volunteer or find out more about the charity visit Water for Warriors Facebook page.

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