Lufkin survivor of alcohol abuse helps others overcome addiction

Lufkin survivor of alcohol abuse helps others overcome addiction

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In the bible, Romans 12:12 speaks of rejoicing in hope, but for those suffering from substance abuse, that seems like an impossible task.

 "Addiction is a hopeless, hopeless thing," said Jeremiah Campbell, the Lufkin Dream Center Director of Men's Affairs

Addiction is something Campbell knows all too well, as he had suffered from alcohol abuse for several years.

]"I took a drink for the first time around 12, not knowing what was in me and what it was going to do, how it was going to affect me," Campbell said.

Unlike many who suffer from addiction, Campbell didn't come from a broken home or a tragic background.

"I had great parents, my grades were really good, I was in athletics, I was in all types of activities outside of school," Campbell said.

Campbell's problem grew even worse after he decided to pass up on a college scholarship and become a chef.

"That led me down a darker path because they not only advocated my drinking, they seemed to encourage my drinking," Campbell said.

Campbell's addiction destroyed several of his friendships, a marriage, and even his relationship with his parents.

 "I had a void in my life and instead of filling it with something real, I filled it with something synthetic," Campbell said. "It took over every part of my life."

Even four arrests and two DUIs couldn't stop Campbell from drinking. After one failed attempt at sobriety, he finally asked for help from someone who he hadn't spoken with in a while, God.

"I knew that I needed to be somewhere faith based, somewhere where I knew I could rekindle that relationship with God," Campbell said.

Campbell's saving grace came by word of mouth.

"In passing, I heard about the Dream Center," Campbell said. "As soon as the wheels touched this property, I just felt a peace and a calm that I hadn't had in years."

It has been three years since Campbell enrolled in the Dream Center, a volunteer driven group that helps struggling individuals. He's a 2013 graduate of the program.

"To be able to talk to somebody who knows, who's been there and feel exactly what you're feeling in any given moment, it's very reassuring," Campbell explained.

He began working there as a public relations representative and now is the Director of Men's Affairs, where he helps other men conquer the same problems he once faced.

However, the Dream Center doesn't just help cure addiction. They enable people to rebuild their lives, helping them get college degrees and jobs, while also restoring their faith.

"It's been one of the greatest privileges in my life, to see somebody come in with almost no hope, like I came in, and to be able to, with God's help, restore that sense of hope, there's nothing greater," Campbell said.

Campbell has been sober for three years. He is remarried to a woman he met at church and they are now fostering two young girls.

Thinking back on how far he's come, Campbell hopes that others suffering from addiction can learn from his story.

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