Investigation Into Teen's Injuries Continues - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

02/28/05 - Nacogdoches

Investigation Into Teen's Injuries Continues

by Donna McCollum

A Rusk County teenager will have surgery Monday night at a Tyler hospital. This past weekend 17 year old Jerome Traylor was run over by a vehicle in Nacogdoches and possibly beaten. His parents say Traylor has a fractured skull, numerous broken facial bones and a collapsed artery.

The incident happened just off of 'Marion Ferry Road' near Woden close to where Traylor had attended a party. Sometime before one o'clock Saturday morning Traylor left the party on foot. He was later found a half mile away lying in a pool of blood.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss with the help of the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers is now investigating if Traylor was accidentally or intentionally run over. "Either one of them is a criminal offense. At this point we're not comfortable enough with the evidence we've collected to classify it as one category or the other, so we're still leaving any potential charges open," said Kerss.

The sheriff tells us more interviews were conducted. Also, blood samples were taken. The DNA evidence gathered will be compared to the victim's blood.

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