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02/28/05 - Lufkin

Legally Carrying A Hand Gun Carries A Social Responsibility

Patsy Dunks Patsy Dunks
Wally Dunks Wally Dunks

by Ramonica R. Jones

Pulling the trigger is probably the easiest thing about carrying a gun, but there's much more to self defense than aiming and firing.

"Just because a person has a concealed hand gun license, we're still bound by all the laws and the same liabilities that a police officer has," said Wally Dunks.  "We're responsible for what happens when we discharge that firearm."

At the Ordinary Citizen in Lufkin, Patsy and Wally Dunks make sure the folks they train to carry guns are responsible, not trigger happy troublemakers.

"Most of the people we train, we find to be very conscientious citizens and they're doing this to follow the law," Patsy Dunks said.  "They're not doing this to give themselves a privilege of some kind."

"We all have a moral right and a legal right to defend ourselves, but we don't have the right, without a license, to defend ourselves with a hand gun out in public," said Wally Dunks.  "That's what that license does is gives you the legal right to carry that hand gun, but your moral responsibilities are still the same."

You won't get your license right after you finish a concealed hand gun course. You have to wait until after a background check.  You also need to prove you have the ability to safely handle a firearm.

Once you apply for a concealed hand gun license, it'll take about 60 days to get certified.

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