Donate Platelets, You Could Save A Life

by Jessica Cervantez

The burning down of a blood supply warehouse in Houston a couple of weeks ago is causing concern in East Texas. The Blood Center East Texas is in desperate need of blood platelets.

The center usually relies on the Houston supply warehouse as its backup for platelet donations. But, because that warehouse recently burned down, concern is growing about the possibility of a platelet shortage around East Texas.

Mary Frances Bradford, the executive director of the blood center, said, "Used to, doctors would only do a few cardiac surgeries. Now, they're doing two and three a day, so as our hospitals expand we need to meet the need of that expansion."

With a shelf-life of only five days, the blood center gets platelets in and out fast. Their goal is to get at least eight donors a day, to keep their platelet supply where it should be.

Brooke Jones, a first-time donor knows the importance of giving plasma. The SFA graduate says if you can you should really consider giving blood, plasma, or platelets, anything helps.

The center wants to make sure enough platelets are available to help people through emergencies. You never know, the next person needing that help, could be you.

The blood center's hours:

Monday 10-6

Tuesday, Thursday 11-7

Wednesday, Friday 8-4

Saturday 9-3