Crockett churches come together to serve officers

Crockett churches come together to serve officers
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Steak dinner was on the menu for over a hundred Houston County law enforcement officers.

The dinner was put together by Crockett area churches from different denominations.

"I thought, 'What would show love to me, and I said a steak dinner,'" Crockett's First United Methodist Church pastor Patrick Evans said. "I called the pastors and they made it happen. We provided the space for it and the other churches came in to help. I think we have someone from all the major churches."

The churches split the cost and paid for the steaks and had them cooked on site. All officers in the county were invited along with their wives.

"As a fire department, we are grateful," Crockett Fire Chief John Angerstein said. "It's not as easy going down and grabbing some pizza and bringing it down [to us]. They are actually devoting time and energy."

The decision was made to host the event after the recent shooting death of Harris County Deputy Goforth. The church leaders wanted to make sure every officer in the county knew they were appreciated.

"I've worked as a chaplain with these guys and my wife works at the courthouse," Westside Baptist Church Pastor Steve Meadows said. "I've just known these guys for years and to tell you the truth, I love these guys. I appreciate them."

Prayer warriors walked the second floor track while the officers and firemen ate in the downstairs area of the Family Life Center at First United Methodist Church. The leaders wanted to make sure that the men and women protecting the streets knew they were being prayed over.

"It is very important that we surround them in prayer," All Saints Episcopal's Father Jack Chase said. "it's very important that not just this evening, but every evening we need to pray for our officers."

"In the bible, the people would pray before going to war," Crockett's First Assembly Pastor Jeb Dawson said. "It's a battle out there so to cover them with prayer is so important."

"It's good to them to hear someone is for them," Crockett First Christian Church Pastor Tim Allen said. "I think we have preyed on them so much, I think it is time to pray for them."

The prayer walk did not go unnoticed by those eating.

"Anytime people can pray for us out there doing the job we do, we greatly appreciate that," Crockett Police Chief David Cross said.

Not all law enforcement was able to attend the dinner, so many of the pastors became take-out drivers. Employees of the county's law enforcement agencies that were on the night shift had their meals delivered to them.

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