Fall allergy season in East Texas more intense this year

Fall allergy season in East Texas more intense this year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It may not feel like it, but Fall has arrived in East Texas and with it came fall allergies.

"Fall allergies have been a very bad problem this year so far, symptoms usually start mid to late October," said ENT Specialist Dr. David Bailey

What is the reason behind the early arrival?

"Well, we think we've had a tremendous amount of ragweed pollen because of the very wet spring and the very dry summer we've had," Bailey said,

Bailey said he's seen an influx in patients coming in with usual symptoms.

"We've had many patients complain of nasal congestion, coughing, congestion in their chest, itchy watery eyes," Bailey sad.

So what can people do to relieve these pesky problems? Bailey suggested getting in to see your doctor as soon as possible for a cure. Leaving symptoms untreated can only make things worse.

"Symptoms pile on top of each other and they feel really bad," Bailey said.

Untreated symptoms can potentially lead to infections, bronchitis and even pneumonia

However, like most things, fall allergy season does come to an end, usually with the first frost of the year killing off ragweed plants.

When will that be?

"Ask you weather man," joked Bailey. He's got the predictions."

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