The Brazil Women Tell All

by Jessica Cervantez

It is a family full of law enforcement, they are the Brazils.

You might here about the brave men who are out protecting our streets, but meet their other halves. The three Brazil women say it takes a special person to be the wife of a law enforcement officer. But they say it's their support for their husbands, and each other that help them get through the tough times.

Angie Brazil, Sgt. James Brazil's wife, said, "We have caller ID and if the phone rings and I see it's not him or his number than my heart goes up to my throat. The only thing that gives me the courage to pick up the phone is the Lord, please let him be ok, my faith is what gets me through everything, it's so important, and without it I could not live this way."

The women say the families have to make sacrifices, like adjusting to crazy schedules, but they stand behind their husband's 100%.