Hit And Run Suspect Wrecks After Fleeing Scene Of First Accident

DPS Authorities are investigating an accident that took place after someone allegedly tried to flee the scene of another accident.

According to Nacogdoches Police, Johnny Irwin of Nacogdoches was involved in an accident at the intersection of Press Road and the loop in Nacogdoches.

Police say he fled the scene, but appeared again about five minutes later. After seeing police at the accident scene, he fled again heading south on Press Road.

According to police, once officers were able to catch up with him, he failed to negotiate a turn, and wrecked... overturning his car. Police say it first appeared that Irwin was pinned underneath the vehicle, but it was later found that he was in a depression in the ground underneath the car.

He along with a passenger were taken to a local hospital.

DPS troopers are investigating the second accident since it took place outside city limits.

Nacogdoches Police say alcohol may have played a factor in the incident.