Community leaders and members clean up streets in North Lufkin

Community leaders and members clean up streets in North Lufkin
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Trash-littered streets are a common sight for the residents in North Lufkin.

 "The community asked what can the city do for us, but now they are asking what can we do for our own community," said City Councilman Robert Shankle.

By partnering with T.L.L. Temple Foundation, council members and the community took things into their own hands.

"We decided that we need to start one our own and we started cleaning up the community," Shankle said.

Several church leaders decided to join in on the project and together they organized a clean-up in the Brandon Park area.

"We see that people will follow if their pastors will get involved and we want to be able to reach out and make our communities better and a safer place for our kids," said Roy Scott, a preacher at Impact Outreach Ministries.

The cleanup involved several, including people that didn't even live in the area, like the Lufkin High school Key Club.

"The foundation of our club is really to teach leadership to our students by helping our community," explained LHS Key Club president Isaac Montilla.

The group was impressed by everyone's enthusiasm, especially considering it was a weekend morning.

"It's on a Saturday," Shankle said. "Everybody wants to sleep in but they are out here willing to help make the community a little better and that speaks volumes."

They hope their efforts spark a change and inspire others in the community

"Many times, we'll see something and think well maybe somebody ought to pick that up," Scott said. "But many times, if others see other people start doing things, they will want to follow their example and pick up some trash as well."

The group will continue to clean up other areas around North Lufkin in the future.

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