Lufkin middle school teacher brings language arts to life

Lufkin middle school teacher brings language arts to life

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - History comes alive every day in Savanna Tutts eighth grade class. Tutt's unique teaching style has her students more passionate about learning and creativity.

"It kind of let them come out of their shell a little bit," Tutt, LISD 8th Grade Teacher said. "Let them gain an understanding of their own creativity and making them think outside the box."

That's just one of the many reasons Tutt's students enjoy her teaching style.

"School kind of puts you in a box and it doesn't really let your creative side come out," Pooja Ramnath, student said. "In this classroom, this opportunity lets us explore and maybe create things that will be new and interesting."

"It's something new every day," Luke Langston, student said. "Having prior knowledge that we won't know what we are going to do tomorrow makes us want to find out and want to learn."

One thing that makes her class even more unique is the lack of light. It seems to put the students at ease.

"We don't use the fluorescent lights because it's scientifically proven that fluorescent lights create a more stressful environment," Shaurya Kumar, student said.

Tutts background in history is part of the reason students are prepared for the upcoming Texas Renaissance Festival.

"Thinking about renaissance time period, and what we discussed in class that day, really made me want to do something darker," Kumar said. "I decided to go with a black plague which is what I'm personifying."

Students are letting their creativity flow with costumes and poems they created in class.

"It's so interesting that you don't want it to stop,"Ramnath, said. "You would rather stay in this class all day than go to the next period."

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