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Gift of Love: Nathalia

Nathalia is looking for the Gift of Love Nathalia is looking for the Gift of Love

It was an afternoon of food and fun at the East Texas State Fair for Nathalia and me, especially grabbing a bite of funnel cake!  This junior tells me that she is taking a flower arranging class at school and love to work with flowers. Not to mention, her skills came in handy for homecoming.

"I wore a big mum. I made my um because I'm in floral designIt just gives me a time to create stuff basically," Nathalia said.

This 16-year-old enjoys school and being around her friends and does very well academically.  Hher grades are very important to her as she takes on the responsibilities of being a student athlete.

"I play vollyball, I play softball. Hopefully, I'll be on varsity again this year," Nathalia said.

She also likes to swim. She is also involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Future Farmers of America, Family Career Community Leaders of America.

"So I do cooking classes. I show animals. I go to the state fair," Nathalia said.

Nathalia hopes to be a nurse someday and already has plans to attend the nursing program at Tyler Junior College.
"I'll have a certificate to become an assistant nurse when I get out of high school," Nathalia said.

Nathalia says it's a calling to serve others that is drawing her to this career path.

"Its' just always been my dream to help other people," Nathalia said. 

As for her three wishes, she really would like to go to New York with her Culinary Arts class.  And her next challenge is raising the money to go on the trip.

"I'd like go on a first date. That would be my second wish And to graduate college would be my third," Nathalia said.

Her family will need to be active and allow her to be engaged in ongoing meaningful activities such as team sports and she hopes they will cheer her on in the stands too!  But most importantly, Nathalia needs a family to show her the Gift of Love.

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