Angelina County Youth Fair

by Jessica Cervantez

Logan Wilde, second grader, looks up to his older brother Cody. The 16-year-old is showing his heifer, and his little brother is following show his calf, Lilly during the show.

Logan is still learning how to control his calf, but he's learning the ropes from Cody. The Huntington boys say it is hard work taking care of the animals.

Cody Wilde said, "I get up and wash it, and feed it. I spend about three to four hours a day with it. Now, especially with the calf, it's three times as hard to accommodate for her."

Logan said, "I feed her and walk her a little in the pasture."

As the brothers show off their animals, they know exactly what the judge is looking for.

Cody said, "A good cow has good bone structure, which is how she's shaped. They have to have a nice front end, and they look at the way she walks to see if they throw a good calf."

The brothers like working together with the animals, learning lessons about respect and responsibility. And their hard work pays off. In this category, they're taking home a second place finish.