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03/02/05 - Nacogdoches

Escape School

by Donna McCollum

Thousands of kids are abducted by 'non-family' members every year. Cason Monk Metcalf Funeral Home in Nacogdoches and Gipson-Metcalf Funeral Home in Lufkin are providing free lifesaving lessons to keep East Texas children from becoming a statistic.

Tim Warkentin of Nacogdoches told Raguet Elementary children that, "If the stranger tries to grab you, you get the bike between you and the stranger and you push it."

The big lesson is bad strangers are determined not by looks, but by actions, so it's important to know simple life saving techniques.

Luther Bolenbarker of Lufkin tells kids, "If you're not sure, when in doubt, run."

But do you know which direction to run? Fifth grader, Larenze Hale knows a simple maneuver. "When somebody pulls on the side of the road and you turn the opposite way and run away so they have to make a complete U turn and you have a big head start."

And should they be grabbed, the kids know not to pull, but to twirl their arm like a windmill. Joshua Brister explained, "You take your arm and twist it and they let go of you and you won't be abducted."

And did you know the universal sign for help is to flash the lights on and off. And if ever locked in a hotel room by a stranger Larenze says, "You take your socks off, put them in the toilet so then you can make it overflow and draw attention to yourself by other people."

If a stranger tries to drive you away know to jump in their lap, grab the steering wheel, honk the horn and scream. If you're locked in the trunk of a car, pull out the wires leading to the tail and brake lamps. This will increase your chances by 50% of having the car pulled over by the police.

All of these techniques are how to be smart, not scared so life can be enjoyed as it should be for a child.

Escape School can be brought to your school or youth activity free of charge. Call Cason Monk Metcalf in Nacogdoches or Gipson Metcalf in Lufkin. They provide a free technique video and sometimes even give away t-shirts and bikes.

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