Lufkin ISD high school student art piece sold for $30,000

Lufkin ISD high school student art piece sold for $30,000

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Thursday artists from East Texas entered some of their most prized pieces for this year's Lufkin Art Guild. One in particular auctioned off a painting in this year's Houston livestock and rodeo show sold for $30,000.

She said her passion for art came when she was just seven years old and her dad gave her a magazine that would influence her forever.

"It kind of inspired me, it looked so real and it was awesome," Sierra Wills, 18-year-old artist said.

Now 11 years later, her paintings are worth thousands of dollars. This is something she is proud about.

"It made me feel really good because not a lot of people can say they sold a painting for $30,000," Wills said. "It's really an honor to be able to say that I sold a painting for $30,000."

Her passion for animals is what inspires her the most.

"We've always rescued animals, I had a pet wolf, a possum and a squirrel," Wills said.

With all of her success Wills said she still wants to go to college and expand her knowledge of art.

"I'm hoping to get a scholarship so I can attend SFA," Wills said.

She's already got a head start experimenting with different art styles.

"I love wild life art, I've been mostly working with charcoal," Wills said. "I've started to work with other stuff like water color."

From entering paintings in Lufkin art guilds, to winning best in show at the lone star competition. Wills said the most rewarding feeling is when people buy her pieces.

"It makes me feel good," Wills said. "It makes me want to keep drawing, go on with my art and hopefully one day become successful."

To see her pieces and other local artist work in person the Lufkin art guild's public viewing and sales start Friday at 1pm until 7pm.

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