10 Commandments

Opinons vary about how the US Supreme Court should rule on the Ten Commandments issue. Some want the commandments banned from government property, because they believe displaying them forces religion on people.

Others want the displays allowed because Christianity is the basis of many of our laws. And it's true, a lot of our laws come from biblical teachings, but reguardless of weather you belive in the bible or not, the law is the law. It clearly states that the government cannot impose any religion on the people.

The big question then becomes: is displaying the commandments really imposing religion?

In recent years, several battles over taking out the words 'Under God' from the Pledge of Allegence have all failed, and so far, the courts haven't had to step in on our money saying 'In God We Trust.' Some legal experts see these as petty cases, and nothing more than a time waster for the Supreme Court.

Angelina County Judge Joe Berry said, "my personal opinion is the Supreme Court needs to be looking at something else. We've got a lot more important matters affecting this world than our beliefs."

Judge Berry says in the past, people in court were sworn in by placing a hand on the Bible. Now they just raise their hand. And many we spoke with say they don't understand why people get upset about these issues in the first place.

Louise Wideman said, "the Constitution was written based on a higher being and they can't rule that out, no matter what kinda laws they make."

Then again that's the great thing about America, we all have the right to complain about anything we please, but the Supreme Court gets the final say.