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03/02/05 - Nacogdoches

How Well Do You Know Texas?

by Stuart Burson

Wednesday was an important day in Texas history. But, if you can't think of why, don't worry, you're not alone. You see, March 2nd is Texas Independence Day. It was on that day in 1836 that 59 delegates at Washington on the Brazos signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

It's a very important day, but most Texans don't know much about it.

"March 2nd is a big day, but it is overshadowed by the terrible tragedy four days later at the Alamo. And I think most Texans remember the Alamo, March 6th, a little bit better than March 2nd." says Dr. Joseph Devine, a history professor at SFA.

Texas has a rich and colorful history, and Texans are known to be full of pride. But what do we really know about our state? Most people we questioned on the SFA campus couldn't tell us that the state bird is the Mocking Bird, the state tree is the Pecan, or recite the pledge to the Texas Flag.

But, regardless of what people know or don't know, there's no denying that Texas is unique, and we're proud of our state. What other state would have stores dedicated solely to selling Texas merchandise?

"Nothing like Texas. You don't see other states decorate their houses in their memorabilia like Texans do. We sell a lot of magnets, a lot of mugs, a lot of t-shirts, just pure tourist things. To the true Texans though, we sell a lot of afghans, our state flag afghans, flags, a lot of lone star type items. " says Gerry Larabee of the Heart of Texas shop in downtown Nacogdoches.

With all the fuss over Texas, what about other states? I wonder... do you think somewhere there's a Delaware store?

Something else about Texas you may not know. When Texas joined the United States, it had the option of being either one state, or five states. It's an option the state still has today.

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