Houston Co. judges give up part of salary for employees

Houston Co. judges give up part of salary for employees
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - The Houston County coordinators got a welcome surprise with this new fiscal budget.

County Judge Erin Ford, County Court-at-Law Judge Sarah Tunnel Clark, and District judges Pam Fletcher and Mark Calhoon all agreed to take a reduction in pay from their salary. All four then agreed to pass on the savings to the court coordinators. The move was approved Tuesday morning at the commissioners court meeting.

"It was a small sacrifice for us to make a supplement to them for their hard work,"Ford said.

Ford passed his money onto Jan Pigford. Every week, Pigford can be found on the second floor of the courthouse annex looking through piles of paper, trying to keep things organized. Pigford said the gesture was a surprise and was well received.

"It means a lot," Pigford said. "It means everything. It's great."

Pigford keeps track of Ford's schedule on top of the agenda for commissioners court and paperwork that needs to be filed. Ford said it would be hard for his office to run right without Pigford.

Ford "I'm lucky to have her," Ford said. "She's indispensable. She intercedes for me. She takes care of issues I would be left with."

Pigford said the extra money gives her more motivation with her job.

"I'm thrilled that they are able to pass it on to me," Pigford said. "It makes me want to do a better job and work harder for them and do better at what I do."

Ford said he could have not given the money, but he knew due to a tight budget his staff would need it more than him. Ford hopes others learn from his kind act.

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