A San Augustine organization is bringing beauty to the town

A San Augustine organization is bringing beauty to the town
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KTRE) - At Tuesday's San Augustine's commissioner's court meeting, a representative from the Master Gardeners Club made a few suggestions. One of them included moving the dumpster that sits in front of the old jail.

"We can hide it into a hill side or come up with another plan where you don't see garbage on the square," said Mike Malone, the president of the San Augustine Master Gardeners Club.

This is just one of the many ways the club plans bring beauty into San Augustine.

"Our main project has been the outdoor classroom at the elementary school," Malone said. "This has been something that's been neglected for several years because they haven't had anyone to take care of it."

Now they do. The outdoor classroom will allow students to learn about agriculture. 

"This is something that they're trying to encourage all schools to have are outside these outdoor classroom gardening," Malone said.

The project won't be easy. Malone said it'll take at least five months before things start looking a lot greener on the campus.

"We spent all Saturday with the 4-H club cleaning up," he said. "You don't have three years of neglect and have it done."

To everyone's surprise the neglect still left life in a pond.

"Those fish are still alive," Malone said. "So this means the ecosystem (in the pond) is doing really well."

Since a neglected garden is being brought back to life, the gardeners are going to continue to stay busy by spreading beauty across town.

"Here at the courthouse lawn, we are going to oversee things and make sure they are done correctly and on time, Malone said. "Also to beautify it over time to do a little landscaping."

If you would like to contribute to beautifying your East Texas community, Malone said the San Augustine Garden Club will start classes mid-January.

For more information you can contact him personally at (936) 275-8350.

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