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03/03/05 - Lufkin

Police Expect To Arrest Dozens In Warrant Sweep

by Ramonica R. Jones

The last warrant sweep in Lufkin was a big one...almost two dozen people arrested, more than $30,000 collected - all in unpaid tickets and outstanding fees.

Friday, the municipal court is expecting another full house.  Dozens of people have already turned themselves in this week to avoid being picked up.

Turning yourself in doesn't mean you'll get arrested.  It's a chance to make payment arrangements and take care of outstanding fines.  It's better to go to police than have them come to you.

City Marshal Brian Smith, said, "If we have to come to them, we're gonna probably take them to jail.  They probably don't want to do that.  They come here, they will not be arrested."

The most common excuse we heard Thursday for not paying up: no money.  Even if you can't afford to pay the full amount of your ticket right away, you can go to court and arrange a payment plan.

Friday's warrant sweep starts at 9 a.m.  You can still turn yourself in to police Friday before they come looking for you.

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