Groveton man reunited with class ring after 45 years

Groveton man reunited with class ring after 45 years
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - When Charles Joyner lost his Groveton High School class ring back in 1970, he thought he would never see it again.

However, a Facebook post on a Groveton community page last May started a chain of events that would lead to Joyner being reunited with his lost jewelry.

"In the post, a woman said her mother had found a ring in the sixties that had Groveton [on it]," Groveton resident Martha Mericle said. "She had searched and asked all these people was it theirs, and she had placed it in her jewelry box, and it had stayed there for the past 50 years."

Mericle, who runs the ex-student organization for Groveton reached out to the woman who sent the ring to her this past week. Mericle was able to locate three small initials on the ring that lead to Joyner.

"When I sorted and got all of the class of 1965, his was the only initials," Mericle said.

After a quick Facebook message to Joyner, Mericle set up a meeting with the man who never thought he would see the ring again.

Joyner believed he could have lost the ring while working in Houston.

"My wife just had our baby so I had a second job to pay for the medical bills," Joyner said. "I think I lost it while I was working at a gas station down on Montrose in Houston. It probably wasn't there long based on the condition it is in because if it stayed in the parking lot, it probably would have got beat up and ran over."

"After a few years you tend to forget that its even missing and it slips the mind," Joyner said. "The fact that they took the time to track down the owner is what really surprised me."

Joyner said he plans on keeping the ring and having it re-sized to fit his hand.

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