Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Bold burglars

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Bold burglars

LUFKIN, TX (News Release) - With the sun setting earlier this time of year, the criminals who prefer the cover of darkness don't need to wait until late at night to ply their trade, and this video serves as proof.

Burglarizing a vending machine might not be the most daring crime one can commit but doing so during evening hours just off a well-traveled road raises the boldness bar a few notches, and doing it at the police department's gun range takes it to a whole other level of absurdity.

Video posted online at and shows a man who cut a lock securing the gate to Lufkin PD's gun range and then burglarized the coke machine on the porch of the main building. He stole the boxes that collect change and dollar bills.

The crime occurred Saturday, October 10th, and the man captured on video was not alone; at least one other person stayed in the truck. The white male suspect we do see was wearing white tennis shoes, blue shorts, and a blue T-shirt with two skeletons on it front. He might have tattoos on his left arm. The suspects' drove a light truck but the vehicle is otherwise unidentifiable from the video.

If you can identify any of the persons involved in this burglary, call Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit a tip online at  Crime Stoppers calls and tips are anonymous and Crime Stoppers may pay a reward if the information you provide leads to an arrest.