Nacogdoches boy overcomes big odds to win at SFA Madness

Nacogdoches boy overcomes big odds to win at SFA Madness
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It was a night of Midnight Madness at SFA on Friday as players showed their skills in a basketball tournament, but it's what happened next that made the crowd go wild.

"Woah, I just made that. I was just like 'I can't believe it," said Reese Turner, who won SFA's knockout contest.

14-year-old Reese has a condition called Dwarfism.  And at only 3 ft 6, he went toe-to-toe with guys easily twice his height.

"It's pretty crazy to get one of them out! I was just in awe, 'I just got that guy!' Guys way taller than me out and were probably way older than me. And I was like 'woah!', Turner said.

Woah is right; an unlikely shot from an unlikely opponent.

"I was a little nervous for him. I just wanted him to do his best and so I thought he gets out there has fun with it, you know has a good time. And then you know, it started happening," said Laura Turner, Reese's mother.

As the winner, Reese took home a new iPad mini. A small prize in comparison to a large love for the sport of basketball.

Everyday he's beating the odds and next to his love of basketball comes his love of SFA Lumberjack pride.

"Just everything about it; the campus is really nice, there's a lot of really nice people there. And the basketball team, they'll see me in the stands and they'll say hi to me. They're really fun to hang out with," Turner said.

A comforting reality for Reese's mom Laura , who also has Dwarfism.

"When he has issues or when there's something coming up, I can help relate to that because we both have the same condition. It's easy to say let's do this for this, just making adjustments is easier on both of us," Turner said.

And of course I challenged Reese to a game of knockout and as for the winner…let's just call it a tie.

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