Back to the Future: ETX predict the future of the Pineywoods

Back to the Future: ETX predict the future of the Pineywoods

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - "Back to the Future" day has finally arrived. In the timeless time-traveling sequel, Marty McFly traveled 30 years into the future on October 21st, 2015, which happens to be today.

If we could go thirty years into the future like Marty McFly, what things would East Texans see

"I see a great future," Mayor Bob Brown, Lufkin said.

"We may have electric cars by then," Bryan Gates, SFA Grad student said.

"Water will be a key resource," Bill Teague, Nacogdoches chamber of commerce Interim President said.

It's no surprise that East Texas is growing, and with more businesses like Newks and Ulta coming to the piney woods, some believe the area will become a lot more interesting.

"I see this being a multicultural mecca," Terrance Simon, SFA student said.  "It's going to have an abundance of growth due to the amount of acceptance it's having now and days."

"I feel as if it's going to get more diverse and more cultured as we get older," Angel Williams, SFA student said.

One thing officials are looking forward to the most about the future is the completion of highway 69 now they believe it will bring more revenue into deep east Texas.

"The opening of I-69 is going to open tremendous doors for commerce in the East Texas area," Teague said.

The completion of I-69 is just one of the many things that city leaders are looking forward to.

 "With transportation, medical facilities and educational facilities, this will be a huge regional backdrop for the whole state of Texas," Brown said.

What about some state laws? Some believe that marijuana could be a permanent possibility for East Texans in the next thirty years.

 "Due to the growth that Colorado and California has had, there may be something that happens in this East Texas area that's going to shock the world," Simon said.

Whether we get flying cars or can legally purchase marijuana, many agree that East Texas has a bright future.

"The next thirty years is going to be even more exciting than the last thirty," Teague said.

One thing some of the students at S-F-A agreed on was the possibility of metal detectors in hopes to prevent shootings on campus.

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