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03/04/05 - Lufkin

Lufkin Zoo Lucky To Have Community Support

by Ramonica R. Jones

The Ellen Trout Zoo had close to a hundred extra workers Friday.  They weren't helping with the animals, they were volunteering.

Brookshire Brothers employees are usually known for sacking and stocking grocery items.  Friday, they kept busy painting, planting, and polishing.

"[The zoo] is a living and breathing classroom for the kids and so we're here to get it ready for the spring [and] all the visitors that they're gonna have at the zoo," said Kim McClung of Brookshire Brothers.  "We're helping them as much as we possibly can get ready for their big crowds this summer."

It takes a lot of time to make changes and improvements to even a small zoo like Ellen Trout.  The more hands you have, the faster it gets done and the better the results.

"While we do work and strive to make things as good as we can, there are other communities that are not so supportive of their zoos," zoo director, Gordon Henley, said.  "We very much appreciate the support that we get from this community."

Fifteen projects are in the works at Ellen Trout.  Expansions, renovations, and refurbishings are just a few improvements underway. 

You don't have to be a volunteer to support the local zoo.  You can also help out by eating.  For every box of Hytop animal crackers you buy from Brookshire Brothers, the store will give money from that purchase to the zoo.

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