Authorities Bust Theft Ring Case

Richard Gilbert Jr.
Richard Gilbert Jr.

by Jessica Cervantez

For months now, the Angelina County Sheriff's Department has been working on cracking the case of a huge theft ring involving nearly $100,000 worth of stolen property. Now, investigators think the man behind it all is 41-year-old Richard Gilbert Jr. of Lufkin.

Twelve other people have also been arrested in the case. Police believe Gilbert had other people steal items for him and then he would sell them. More arrests are expected.

The stolen property comes from several surrounding counties, including Nacogdoches and San Augustine. Among the items found were tractors, trailers, and nearly 20 four-wheelers Investigators say you need to keep an eye on your property because more and more four-wheelers are being stolen.

All the stolen property has either already been returned to its original owner or authorities know who it belongs to and are working on returning it.