ETX Mustang Club turns heads with 'Walking Dead' cars

ETX Mustang Club turns heads with 'Walking Dead' cars

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A group of East Texans have already been turning heads with their Halloween spirit. It's not your typical costume or home decor.  The 'Walking Dead' fanatics made special Halloween displays.

The East Texas Mustang Club is all about their hot rods, but lately a few of the Ford's have been causing people to take a second look when they drive by.

"It's a group of about 100 or so people who just get together and have a good time," said Dayton Rodriguez, an East Texas Mustang Club member.  "I can't get out of the house without people taking pictures or videos."

"I get a lot of looks and pictures taken," said Devin Gustafson, an East Texas Mustang Club member.

The guys not only share a love for Mustangs, but they share a love for 'The Walking Dead' series. It has come back just in time for the Halloween season.

"It's by far my favorite holiday of the year," Rodriguez said.

"It's basically 'Walking Dead' themed with all the zombies, hand-prints, and everything," Gustafson said.

They haven't been decorating their homes or looking for costumes this season.

"We just kind of express ourselves through our cars," Gustafson said.

The cars are sprayed with messages, blood, hand-prints, and even limbs falling out of some of them.

"They think I probably hit someone or went through something really bad," Gustafson said.

These cars are expensive, so I had to ask about the damage the zombie blood has left on the Mustangs.

"It comes off," Rodriguez said.

"My mom thinks it's permanent, and my dad says whatever, it's your car," Gustafson said.

The guys said they'll keep the blood on the whips until after Halloween. For now, they're enjoying the holiday their way.

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