Carlisle Indians join Alto Yellowjacks in show of support

Carlisle Indians join Alto Yellowjacks in show of support
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - It was a show of not only solidarity but a definite show of respect as - for at least one night - these two teams came together and put what many describe as a deep-seeded rivalry to rest since the passing of Cam'ron Matthews.

"Alto's a family down here, we brought our family to their house, they had a tragedy in their house and now we're a part of that family also and that's just the way we look at it," said Rocky Baker, Carlisle High School athletic director.

In this story of unity, two longtime rivals meet again on the field, but this time football wasn't the main topic of conversation.

"There's a higher purpose, it's always family first and we might not be teammates, but we're district family and football family and that's a strong bond and it goes a long way," said Collin Gray, Carlisle Indians teammate.

One football family joins another, in a time they each need it most.

"One minute they're in a fist-fight, because that's pretty much what football is, and then three minutes later you're in a huddle, holding hands with tears in your eyes and you're praying for someone, so it's puts it all in perspective," Baker said.

It's just one day to the week Alto football player Cam'ron Matthews died – living his dream – right on the field. It's a painful loss – one not soon forgotten.

"After this you kind of share a bond that you can't have with any other team, so you become closer and closer and it means a lot that they came all the way down here," said Creager Davis, Alto Yellowjacks teammate.

The two teams never had the chance to truly get to know the player behind the helmet and tonight they did just that.

"I knew it would mean a lot to them so we did what we can to help out and just be comforting to those who need it, you know. You have to follow the Golden Rule, do unto others have you would have them do unto you," said Dalton Sanders, Carlisle Indians teammate.

It's what many care calling just another gift that Cam'ron left behind.

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