Going The Distance To Support The Troops

by Jessica Cervantez

How far would you go to support our troops? One man is taking it the distance on horseback. Retired Army Sgt. Stan Perdue is traveling all the way from Georgia to Arizona with his three horses and a dog he picked up along the way.

"It's a wonderful day," Perdue said.

He's taking his traveling one day at a time and enjoying every minute of it. To travel just 12 miles on horseback, takes Stan about 3 1/2 hours. He still has a long way to Arizona, but he's doing it for the troops.

Perdue said, "I think our troops are doing a find job paying the ultimate price, and giving it their all."

Stan enjoys meeting all the people along the way making friends is how he gets shelter at night. He has slept in barns, horse trailers, and even homes.

"Stop throwing trash on the highway, it looks like America the not so beautiful." Perdue said.

Stan's journey started back in August. It may end in June, July, or even August. He says there's no timeline, he'll get there when he gets there.

"If you pray, pray for me, if you think, think about me." Perdue said.