East Texas fisherman welcomes rain

East Texas fisherman welcomes rain
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - With the recent rains in East Texas, and the cooler temperatures, it's perfect weather to stay inside. But not for Bill Neeley.

"It's quiet, you get a lot of peace out of it. And every now and then, you catch a catfish," said Bill Neeley, who enjoys fishing in the rain.

He and his wife Debbie decided on catching catfish at White Rock Creek in Trinity, on the unlikeliest of days.

"I just wanted us to get out and watch them, watch the water, watch things go by," Neeley said.

With a special gift from Mother Nature...

"A little rain isn't going to hurt. We needed the rain bad. That's a blessing right there, straight from the good Lord," Neeley said.

He says he's been fishing all of his life and that there's a true benefit doing so during the rain.

"The fresh water is what I was just looking at for this. It just washed in the fresh bay and will get the fish to moving. They've been stuck in their holes," Neeley said.

He's witnessed water levels at area lakes dip pretty low during recent drought-like conditions. And when that happens…

"Those fish can't go when the water gets shallow," Neeley said.

And now with more rain, more fish are likely to bite, even at a moment's notice.

It was a simple fishing trip with a decent catch to show for it, but as for Neeley..

"I hope to catch me a river monster," Neeley said.

A hunt that'll have to continue on another day.

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