Use Your Turn Signal

by Jessica Cervantez

Use your turn signal.

Greg Sanches, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said, "It's important to turn on your signal 100 ft. before you turn. It's an important communication device that lets other drivers know what you're going to do."

Accidents caused by people not using their signals is an increasing problem. Authorities say there should be no excuses. It's so simple to do.

Sanches said, "It tends to be a problem, and it leads to a lot of accidents we work."

You could face a $130 ticket if you fail to obey the law in Angelina County.

 With spring break just around the corner, you'll see a lot more motorists on the road, so make sure you follow all the laws, especially when it comes to speed limits.

Sanches said, "A lot more cars on the road means a lot more chance of being in an accident. So, you need to be a defensive driver."

Obeying the laws could prevent you from having an accident. Authorities say a couple of the weekend's traffic accidents were caused by drivers traveling at unsafe speeds.