Restaurant Report- Nacogdoches - 10/29/15

Casa Tomas Restaurant 1514 North Street: 12 demerits for prep cooler not at right temperature, buckets of pickles stored improperly, one spatula needed to be replaced, and floors that weren't smooth and easily cleanable needed to be replaced.

Flashback Café at 109 Wettermark Street: 7 demerits for boxes of food stored on freezer floor, two spray bottles needed to be relabeled, floors in food prep area needed to be repaired so they are smooth and easily cleanable.

Union Café Restaurant at 3205 North University Drive, Suite S: 5 demerits for two prep coolers at wrong temperature.

Chick Fil-A at 2804 North Street for employee drinks in food prep area either needed lids and straws or to be in non-spillable containers.

JD's Health Bar at 1326 North University Drive: 0 demerits.