Lufkin "Dolls" dance to support fellow member with breast cancer

Lufkin "Dolls" dance to support fellow member with breast cancer

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin dance and fitness group known as the "Dolls" sweated it out for hours. It was all to benefit and fight with a fellow doll who is now battling breast cancer.  The women were dressed in pink and embodied the motto 'No Doll Fights Alone.'

Dollstar Dance and Fitness has been a way of weight loss for many, but one member found much more.

"It's more like family because we all support each other," said Yvonne Villanueva, a Doll.

Yvonne joined the group to dance her weight down.

"She started losing weight. She started losing inches," said Christina Hollins, Dollstar Dance and Fitness Instructor.

"I started coming, and I was really excited because I started slimming up," Yvonne said.

The excitement was short-lived when Yvonne's weight-loss revealed a devastating diagnosis.

"I didn't see it coming. I didn't feel it. It just snuck up on me," Yvonne said. "I started feeling a lump on my left breast."

"Before, it didn't occur to her. She said Tina, do you feel this? I said yes," Hollins said.

It was breast cancer in the 3rd stage.

"It went full on after that. I was very fast-paced," Yvonne said.

The sweat and tears shed in this intense session had a sole purpose.

"Everyone who came in here came for Yvonne. Yes they want to sweat, bleed, cry all that, but it's for Yvonne," Hollins said. 

Six weeks of radiation is still ahead of Yvonne.

"I'm just taking it day by day. I have a lot of friends and family that support me," Yvonne said.

With bold bras hanging, beats booming, and dolls dancing the night away on her behalf, Yvonne has no choice but to fight like a Doll.

"We care about each other. We fight together. You fight we fight. We're all one. No doll left behind," Hollins said.

The “Glow Pink For Breast Cancer" party was free of charge, but all donations and proceeds from meals sold went to Yvonne and her family.