Lufkin PD investigating burglaries at Flamingo, Medicine Shoppe

Lufkin PD investigating burglaries at Flamingo, Medicine Shoppe

LUFKIN, TX (News Release) - Detectives with the Lufkin Police Department are investigating a pair of unrelated burglaries that occurred at two Lufkin businesses within the past two days.

One of the burglaries occurred at Flamingo Bingo, which is located at 3001 N. Medford Drive. According to the police report, LPD officers were dispatched out to the bingo business at about 10:35 p.m. Thursday in reference to an alarm.

When the first officer arrived on the scene, he found the front doors locked, but one of them had damage to its glass portion. After one of the key holders showed up at the business, the LPD officers learned that someone had knocked a large hole in the back of the building and the ATM had been damaged.

A short time later, the manager arrived at the business and played the surveillance footage for the LPD officers. The video showed two men in masks cutting the wall and breaking a hole in it. It also showed one of the suspects moving a surveillance camera, so it would not be able to see them.

One of the suspects crawled on the floor to avoid the motion sensor to the ATM, the report stated. The man used a pry pole to open the ATM, and after "much struggle" he removed the cash box.

The suspect inside the business tried to flee by smashing the glass pane on the front door, but he decided to go out the way he came in after he was unsuccessful, the report stated.

Lufkin Police officers took numerous photos of the crime scene, and one of them was unable to lift any fingerprints from the crime scene.

The second burglary occurred at the Medicine Shoppe, which is located at 903 W. Frank. LPD officers were dispatched to the business at about 3:30 a.m. Friday in reference to a burglary alarm.

When the LPD officers arrived at the scene, they found that the pharmacy's back door was unsecured. After they went inside and cleared the business, the officers noticed an open file cabinet in the back room along with several medicines from the front shelves that appeared to have been thrown on the ground.

The pharmacy's owner arrived at the scene a little while later. He told the LPD officers that a number of things appeared to be missing, but he would not be able to tell them exactly what had been taken until completes a store inventory.

According to the owner, he has several working cameras in that area of the store, and he should be able to provide detectives with surveillance footage of the break in at the pharmacy.

One of the LPD officers took a closer look at the back door and determined that someone had either pried it open or used some kind of vehicle to pull the door open.

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