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An East Texas Ghost story: Largent Cemetery

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

For years, the Largent Cemetery in Hudson has been known as a place for paranormal activity.

The activity has grown so much, paranormal investigator Chad Hughes has taken an interest in the site.

"It's always active when we come out here, and every time we come out here, we always get some type of evidence," Hughes said. "I have heard voices and heard things get dropped."

Hughes said he has gone to the cemetery several times with his ghost hunting equipment and has heard voices and seen temperature changes but has not seen any apparitions.

Hughes said his goal is to find the spirits that need help and let them pass on to the next world.

"I know I am crazy, but I am here to tell their story," Hughes said.

The cemetery's most famous legend is of the ghost of Robert Faigen. Legend goes that Feigen's ghost still roams the area and tries to enter peoples homes. Hughes said it is a common story, and he has yet to experience it.

"I have heard that legend, but have never seen anything," Hughes said. "I also haven't found a grave marker in here for him."

Hughes admits it is always a little creepy going into a cemetery at night.

"It is creepy," Hughes said. "People always see "Night of the Living Dead" and expect zombies to pop out, but no. That won't happen."

Hughes said there are other sites in East Texas that are considered haunted including Hommer Cemetery and several buildings on the Stephen F. Austin State University campus.

Hughes runs the Lufkin Paranormal Investigators. The group travels all across the Pineywoods.

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