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Lufkin business owner, city councilman offering rewards after burglaries

Source: Sharon Adams/Mark Hicks Source: Sharon Adams/Mark Hicks
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff Source: KTRE staff

A recent burglary of a business and attempted burglary of an office space has caught the attention of a long-time business owner and a city council member.

On October 29, Grizzly's, a shop that makes school spirit items, was burglarized. Owner Sharon Adams said a laptop and two cameras were stolen. Several pieces of equipment were also broken.

"There is no need in this. it's just unreal that this has happened," Adams said. "The air conditioner was broken. They damaged it and the vinyl cutter that we have and a few things that were stolen."

The store's video cameras picked up a person wearing a light-colored shirt with stripes and a hat breaking into the store.

"The person came here right after I left to go to a meeting," Adams said. "I came back and left again. After that, I got a call from the police and was on my way back up there."

A short time after the break-in at Grizzly's, n office space owned by Lufkin City councilman Mark Hicks was also targeted by a person looking similar to the one picked up in the surveillance camera.

"It's a shame that someone gets enjoyment out of destroying someone else's property," Hicks said. "The night it happened and my alarm went off, we didn't notice anything. it was the next day we discovered the person broke a second floor window but never got in. i guess the alarm scared him away."

Hicks said he saw Adams' video on Facebook asking for help in identifying the suspect and that's when he realized their offices were targeted by the same person. The incidents are just the latest in several business burglaries and vandalism cases in the downtown area over the last month.

"It's unnecessary," Hicks said. "It's not good for small business."

Adams has been at her location for 29 years and has seen six burglaries in the last 10 years. Adams said she has noticed a rise in crime and hopes something can be done to keep the businesses safe.

"I don't know if we need to have more policemen out patrolling or what but something needs to be done," Adams said. "You can't live in your business just to keep it safe."

Both Hicks and Adams have put up $500 rewards for anyone that can give information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the suspect. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Lufkin Police Department.

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