Rainy weather increases fish numbers and sizes in Lake Sam Rayburn

Rainy weather increases fish numbers and sizes in Lake Sam Rayburn
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: Jackson Hill Marina
Source: Jackson Hill Marina

BROADDUS, TX (KTRE) - It's no secret that Lake Sam Rayburn is a premier destination for big time fresh water fishing.

"Big Sam has always been known from all over the country as the number one bass lake for many years," said Jackson Hill Marina operator Terry Sympson.

This year the fishing at Big Sam has been unlike anything anglers have seen in recent years.

"The whole year has been a remarkable year," Sympson said. " It's been the most incredible year that we've seen in ten years."

Back in 2011, a major drought dried the lake up quite a bit.

"For several years fishing had been tough, especially through the summer months," said Spurger angler Robert Moore.

However, it also allowed for a "new lake affect" to take place.

"It's like the first time the lake's filled up and when that happens, there's a lot of new vegetation that has a chance to get started," Sympson said. "When the water then fills it up, there's a lot more nutrients in the water."

This allowed for fish to increase their spawning numbers over the past couple years, especially with this spring's heavy rains.

"If I estimate I'd have to say I've caught at least a thousand fish," Moore said.

However, the number of fish isn't the only thing that increased, so has the size.

"We have weighed in more ten pound plus fish this year than we have in the previous nine," Sympson said.

In fact a 13.2 pound bass was caught in the lake on Monday. And it's not just East Texans that are enjoying the fishing frenzy.

" I've seen people from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, they come from everywhere," Moore said.

According to Sympson, the fishing  is only going to get better.

"It's just about to get to one of the best times of year," Symspon said." The spawn on Sam Rayburn actually starts, in many cases, late January. February is usually when some of the biggest fish of the year are caught."

"I think anybody that comes out here fishing from now through next year is going to have an awesome time," Moore said.

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