Alto church gets an exclusive screening of new film

Alto church gets an exclusive screening of new film

ALTO, TX (KTRE) - After hearing about the tragic death of Alto football Player Cam'ron Matthews, a film company decided to have a screening of its latest sports film 'Woodlawn.' Since Matthews death people across East Texas have come together stronger than ever, to show their support for the Matthew's family and the Alto community.

Well Wednesday night Hollywood decided to do the same.

"They wanted to do something for our community because of that tragic event, which was very kind and gracious of them," Gary Pridemore, Alto First Baptist Church Pastor said. "We are very grateful to them."

A movie that combines faith, love, unity and a football field hits close to home.

"A wonderful opportunity for our kids to come out here," Kerry Birdwell, Alto Superintendent said. "It's a great tribute to Alto. Just with everything that's going on it's a wonderful evening to have everybody up here."

People came in groups to the first Baptist Church in Alto to watch the film. Central Baptist church in Jacksonville helped to provide food for the two hundred plus guest.

"There has been a lot of prayer in our community for Alto,"Kim Dyess, college and career teacher at Central Baptist Church Jacksonville said. "Anytime I've had to contact anybody, they're like whatever you need me to help. It's just so awesome seeing God work."

 "It has been a tremendous blessing that everyone has come together and has supported one another," Pridemore said. "It's been a great experience in that since."

The death of Matthews has brought together several communities across East Texas. Wednesday they celebrated Matthew's life, and how he has strengthened the faith in many of Alto's youth.

"The kids have a good base as it is," Birdwell said. "It's amazing how the kids that are raised in the church knew where to turn in a tough time. For as tragic as it is, there has been a lot of good that has come out of it."

Jacksonville College's president reached out to the movie producers to get the film and helped make tonight possible.

'Woodlawn' is out in theaters now.

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