East Texas reacts to Keystone XL Pipeline rejection

East Texas reacts to Keystone XL Pipeline rejection
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - President Barack Obama addressed the nation Friday stating the State Department had decided the Keystone XL Pipeline would not serve the national interests of the United States.

After seven years of talks and debates, the pipeline that would run from the Texas Gulf Coast to Canada is not going to happen.
Resilient Nacogdoches or ReNac, a holistic environmental activist group in Nacogdoches, was thrilled beyond belief.

"We're excited," said Reverend Kyle Childress, a member of ReNac. "We're glad that the president finally made this decision. We have been hoping for this for some time."

However, Texas economist Ray Perryman had the opposite reaction.

"I'm not surprised," said Ray Perryman, the president of the Perryman Group. "This is the way the political winds have been blowing for some time. I am disappointed."

The already constructed southern leg of the pipeline runs through parts of Nacogdoches and Angelina counties, something ReNac has been protesting for several years.

"We believe that's taking God's planet out of God's hands and putting it in the hands of corporations and people who are making money and destroying everything from people's local farms to more," Childress said. "It's not a cost effective way of transporting tar sands. Tar sands aren't cost effective."

However, according to Perryman, the pipeline was going to make things much more cost effective.

"It also meant the oil from Canada would be refined in Texas rather than some other part of the world consequently would have brought some economic benefits that way as well," Perryman said.

Despite the decision, Perryman is expecting the current operations to continue running.

ReNac on the other hand said they believe Friday's decision is only just the beginning to a total removal of the pipeline.

"The pipeline rejection by the president is sort of a final clear word that the northern leg is not going to go through," Childress said.  "I think it will eventually kill the southern leg as well."

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